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In Agua Blanca organizations can have all the facilities of a resort-hotel/SPA to conduct their own corporate meetings with facilitators, or we can offer additional Executive Coaching services.

Experiential corporate retreats can help achieve one or more of the purposes which are illustrated below:


We in Agua Blanca have a range of over 250 games and outdoor activities, which we can choose with you to design a successful retirement.

For us, a successful corporate retreat is only when it:

  • has an impact on each participant
  • pays off for the company short and long term
  • is aligned with the corporate values and culture, avoiding confusion or frustration on any participant with expectations that cannot be met.

It is for this reason that at least one meeting with company executives is imperative.


"We appreciate the wonderful organization that allowed us to hold an international meeting perfectly! We were offered activities and excursions that supported the great team spirit we could create in just a few days. We'll be back!

K.T., UNESCO, Berlin

"I want to let you know that my team continues to improve and it has much to do with what we experienced last year in Agua Blanca. It became a watershed which today is allowing us to reach beyond what we ever imagined..."

L.A.A., HSBC, México D.F.

"Very good! I have seen many workshops on communication, etc., but none I liked. This one was actually about what matters to me! Congratulations!

B.B., Grow Group Holanda/México

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