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We are an amalgam of ideal infrastructure, exceptional natural surroundings, legendary hot springs, human passion for serving, high degree of commitment to quality and love of nature allows visitors to rediscover the natural harmony, reconnecting in body, mind and spirit.

Foundation Friends of Agua Blanca

The Friends of Agua Blanca Foundation A.C was born in 2011 and our mission (condensed) is "To promote the social participation of the population and promote the overall development of the region by designing and implementing initiatives related to conservation, restoration and protection of the environment, especially in the areas surrounding Agua Blanca ".

The genesis of this idea was to provide additional income to the employees of this small resort and their families, creating a cooperative environment. At the same time it aims to protect the environment.



Agua Blanca strives every day to offer groups and individuals the ability to fully connect with natural harmony, through the provision of the infrastructure of a hotel, diningroom, conference center and recreation areas, as well as services that benefit the well-being.


We aspire to become the first choice for individuals and groups seeking an oasis to relax, reconnect with themselves and seek the common good.

We are committed to organic growing – and fully making us the best place to work in the region.

We will not desist in constantly keep finding and implementing practical solutions for the community and our environment.


Agua Blanca Canyon Resort is located in the State of Michoacán, in central Mexico, next to the village of Jungapeo.

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