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16 Apr

Sustainable Mexico City Tour

Sustainable Mexico City Tour

Sustainable Mexico City Tour (1-3 days)

Opposing general beliefs about this city, we will explore initiatives that are keeping this city green, producing food, and conserving natural biodiversity. Any on of our tours is a blend of history, culture, gastronomy and naturalism. Below, please find the full information of our Sustainable Mexico City Tour.

What is better than a traveler? A responsible traveler. We have all supported sustainable tourism and now comes the even larger concept of regenerative tourism. It is focused on not just preserving and sustaining the beauty that already exists, but more important, it embraces the challenge of restoring and healing the environment, the community, and even one’s own motivation. *

Day 1: Xochimilco + UNAM

300 year old permaculture design still feeds thousands in the city. Get an idea of what Mexico City looked like in its origins, covered in water, connected by causeways and floating gardens in the small part of the city that remains this way: Xochimilco. The National Autonomous University (UNAM) is a Cultural Heritage Site, and hosts an amazing volcanic rock setting for a sculpture garden and world class modern art museum.

Day 2: Hipster City Bike Tour

Visit the artsy neighborhoods of Mexico City, filled with art deco buildings, beautiful jacaranda trees, independent design stores and art galleries. We will visit the Chapultepec Park (roughly 10 times the size of Central Park), an urban garden/art space, and have time for some shopping. Tour does not have to be done cycling.

Day 3: Sonora Market + Barragan House

The Sonora Market is one of the largest, most exotic and colorful markets there are in Mexico. Luis Barragan exemplifies some of Mexico City’s most unique and attractive architecture.

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* Read more about regenerative tourism