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18 Apr

Monarch Butterflies

Monarch ButterfliesMonarch Butterflies (November to March)

The amazing, the fascinating, the spiritual experience of visiting the Monarch Butterflies’ overwintering colonies. See whirlwinds of millions of orange butterflies inhabiting one small corner of the beautiful conifer forest of eastern Michoacan. Every year, all the Monarch Butterflies of North America (east of the Rock Mountains) fly thousands of miles to all congregate in one forest in central Mexico. Our guides have specialized knowledge on the biology of the monarch, its conservation and local beliefs about the migration.

Avoid the cold temperatures in the mountains and stay at a close-by tropical oasis: Agua Blanca.

Possible add-ons:

1 Day:

  • Second Monarch Butterfly sanctuary
  • Visit to a sustainable farming school dedicated to Monarch conservation
  • San Felipe Pyramid from the Matlazinca people, with a beautiful view on Monarch
  • Sanctuary forest to one side, and on the Sierra Madre mountain chain to the other.

2+ Days:

  • Morelia capital city. Beautiful colonial city with many cultural attractions.
  • Angahuan old volcano crater. Visit the ruins of the town left popping out of volcanic rock. Also we will visit the nearby traditional towns in which the women still weave their own typical textiles.

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