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Can tourism help the Monarch Butterflies?

Every time we promote a trip to see the overwintering sites of the Monarch Butterflies we get a mixed set of reactions in social media. “Poor butterflies”.,.”We should just leave them alone”. That’s why we decided to write something about...
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The migration of the Monarch Butterfly

The migration of the Monarch Butterfly: a Spiritual Experience The migration of the monarch butterfly is one of the most spectacular phenomena of nature that we can witness in this era. It is a spiritual experience generated by the mystery...
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The Monarch Butterfly in Mexico

The Monarch Butterfly in Mexico, in addition to its great beauty, is characterized by its resistance and longevity. While other species of butterflies have a life cycle of 24 days, the monarch lives up to nine months, that is, 12...
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Fun Summer Program 2018

On Sunday, August 19, our Fun Summer Program 2018 in Agua Blanca concluded, which brought a lot of fun and lessons to the families that accompanied us. Fun Summer Program 2018 In our summer program 2018 we included activities such...
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