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The profession of a celebrant consists in partnership with clients to design ceremonies, rituals and celebrations that reflect the tastes, values and beliefs of the celebrated.

The celebrant has been instructed in the anthropological roots of ceremonies, knows the ideal structure of different rituals, is familiar with elements of celebrations of many cultures and especially dominates the methodology to give clients the right questions that lead to design and officiate a celebration memorable.

For a celebrant, celebrations are truly a passion. They spend months of training, learning everything from the basics of rituals and ceremonies to ceremonial speech in public to become a certified celebrant. They study the traditions of different cultures, beliefs and religions, which gives them the ability to adapt each ceremony to fit the couple for whom the ceremony is being created. Because they are able to carry out a ceremony that reflects the beliefs and lifestyle of the celebrant, their services are also ideal for interreligious, intercultural and same-sex weddings.

Celebrant in Agua Blanca

Agua Blanca is the perfect place to celebrate memorable ceremonies, also because here lies the first mexican celebrant graduated from in Montclair. New Jersey, U.S.A.

In Mexico, Thomas Behn-Eschenburg is, since 2010, the first graduate of this busy organization.

Mexican of Swiss descent, Thomas Behn-Eschenburg lived 18 years in Mexico before undertaking his studies of administration and economics in St. Gallen, Switzerland.

He abandoned his business career that would take him to Basel, New York and Central America for 17 years, due to a misdiagnosis of a terminal illness.

Having received a second chance in life heightened his interest in spiritual and human issues, without wanting to leave ties to the corporate world aside.

Agua Blanca, with its pristine nature, beautiful gardens, pleasant subtropical climate throughout the year, its peace and originality, is really an idyllic place for any type of ceremony.



Thomas worked hard to respect our cultures and beliefs to create a perfect combination and the best celebration I could have imagined.

T. y E., Visitor

“Having done our wedding in Agua Blanca and with Thomas as our celebrant was the best decision we could have made. We were very happy with the result and all our guests were amazed.”

D y F., Visitor