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Lamaze Course

An unforgettable weekend, dedicated intensively to your pregnancy...
Curso de Psicoprofilaxis

“Artemis” Perinatal Education Center

Are you pregnant? Would you like to prepare for the birth of your baby with a lamaze course while spending a weekend with your partner in a peaceful place, surrounded by beautiful gardens, hot springs and waterfalls?

In Agua Blanca, spend a memorable weekend, engaging intensively to your pregnancy and learn everything you need to know about pregnancy, childbirth and newborn care.

We offer an intensive course lasting 18 hours of preparation and guidance for childbirth and early motherhood / fatherhood. The ideal time to take it is between 24 and 34 weeks of pregnancy.

Based on the philosophy that childbirth is a normal, natural, healthy and rewarding process, the lamaze course has as main objectives to:

  • Provide adequate and up-to-date information on pregnancy, childbirth and early maternity and paternity;
  • Present and develop different skills and techniques to be able to effectively face the different situations of this stage of their life;
  • Build trust in the inner wisdom of the woman and her ability to give birth and care for her baby
  • Make known the alternatives that are available so that women can take an active role during labor and delivery
  • Strengthen future parents to make informed decisions based on their personal wishes and goals

The topics to be discussed during the lamaze course are the following:

  • Fetalization and fetal growth at a great pace
  • Nutrition
  • Physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and solutions to frequent discomfort
  • Sexuality
  • Relaxation and breathing
  • Physiological process of childbirth. The different phases with their emotions, sensations and resources for women in labor
  • Signs and symptoms of the beginning of labor, resources for home labor
  • Admission to hospital and hospital routines
  • Resources for active work in the hospital
  • Ejection phase, medical procedures and resources for the couple
  • Eventualities during labor and solutions to situations that deviate from normal (including cesarean section)
  • Postpartum and the physical and emotional changes in this period
  • Characteristics and needs of the newborn
  • Basic care and baby bath
  • Advantages of breastfeeding
  • Basic techniques for successful breastfeeding
  • Solutions to the most common problems during breastfeeding


IPP Anita Vermehren


“This is a comprehensive course that helps raise awareness of the importance of the events surrounding the start of a new life.”

L. y E., Visitor

“We focused only on the seminar. The place helps you to relax and forget about everything. The instructor is very open and tells about own experiences.”

F. y A., Visitor

“For me the combination of the location and Anita, who is a person who inspires confidence, was perfect. Besides helping with the idea that childbirth is something natural, learning all about the birth and the baby in a place like this was great.”

E. y M.A., Visitor

“In this workshop we discovered that labor is an experience to be lived as a couple.”

A. y O., Visitor

“Very educational course, taught in a very natural environment suitable for learning, where the couple can get to know each other and share the experience of parenting in the near future.”

E. y C., Visitor