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Gift yourself with our Wellness Week: 5 days of pampering and relaxing.
You will detoxify physically, mentally and spiritually.
You will return refreshed, rested and full of energy to your daily routines.

The wellness week in Agua Blanca offers the best opportunity to give the body a new beginning, a reset for the body, mind and spirit.

You will benefit from tasty but healthy food. We avoid red meats, fried foods, flours, dairy products and sugars. We include 2 light and healthy snacks per day.

In the wellness week, daily you can bathe or drink from our thermo-mineral waters that have the following properties:

  • Increases the feeling of well-being
  • Softens and stretches the complexion, helps to improve acne
  • Improves digestion and normalizes sleep
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Heals internal as well as external wounds

We start each day with an outdoor session of breathing exercises and stretching.

The package includes a Temazcal session and 4 SPA therapies to choose between:

  • Holistic Massage: massage of the whole body with natural oils mixed with essential oils.
  • „Hummingbird“ Massage: very soft massage of the whole body without oil. It works as a lymphatic drainage and targets the nervous system.
  • Reflexology Therapy: massage of reflex points on the soles of the feet, hands and spine
  • Balsamic Massage: Application of 9 essential oils on the spine and on the soles of the feet, followed by a massage on the back and feet.
  • Body Therapy: Exfoliation of the entire body followed by a mud wrap and a body moisturization.
  • Agua Blanca Massage: Back, feet, calves, hands and arms massage with the use of hot stones.
  • Facial: exfoliation, face, neck and shoulder massage and application of mud and honey mask.

We will have sessions of walks, aqua therapy, guided meditations, and more.

Send us an email to find out the next Wellness Week dates and for further information.