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Sustainable Tourism

We are part of and depend on a healthy ecosystem. We consider that both the biodiversity and the natural attractions that exist in the gorge in which we find ourselves require and deserve our care and dedication. We try to promote Sustainable Tourism with all our facilities, activities and services.

Hotel environmental management

  • We heat our shower waters with solar panels to take advantage of renewable energy.
  • We have a recycling center to reduce the amount of waste generated in the operation.
  • We take advantage of our organic waste and paper for compost and to feed the earthworms that generate a high quality fertilizer to reintegrate the edible forest that surrounds us.
  • We built a wetland to treat the hotel’s wastewater.
  • We are constantly searching for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint (i.e. we no longer give bottles of water and reuse as much as possible).

Social-environmental responsibility

  • Through the Amigos de Agua Blanca Foundation, we promote organic production in our gardens, edible forest and in the surrounding region. Through the Foundation we produce organic products that you can find in our store or in various bazaars.
  • Through the House of Jungapeo in Transition (JET) we support community projects of various kinds: ecological, educational, cultural, etc.
  • Through various trainings we have provided new development opportunities for people around the hotel: ecotourism guides, Spa masseurs, and workshop facilitators.

Environmental Education for Sustainable Tourism

  • Our motto is reconnect with natural harmony, this is implemented through guided walks, identification of species, environmental explanations, didactic exhibitions, workshops, retreats and rituals such as temazcal.

Alliances / Friendly Causes